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Self-taught as an artist, but with a degree in plant biology Joe is drawn to depictions of nature in his art - sometimes pure landscape and sometimes looking at the interplay between nature and the man-made. 

A feature of Joe’s landscape work is intimate, depictions of nature’s entanglements and the fight for survival. 

Joe Blundell - Landscape Artist

Referencing traditional Japanese calligraphy, Alison combines her fascination of fluid forms with her knowledge and passion of colour. Her clean but lyrical and gives notion to a previous career in illustration, and her work engages with this interesting tension between art and design. Alison’s work is a sophisticated study of colour, juxtaposing vibrant and muted tones within a distinct visual rhythm.

Alison Percy - Artist

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Inspiration for her landscapes comes from the native plants and trees witnessed on walks around local and coastal bushland. It is the intimacy of the forms of flowers and leaves that draws her in rather than the expanse of a grand vista. Often large-scale forms are the key to the dynamism of her paintings and the expressive mark-making in her brushstrokes which add to their movement.

Sarah Waghorn - Artist