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Self-taught as an artist, but with a degree in plant biology Joe is drawn to depictions of nature in his art - sometimes pure landscape and sometimes looking at the interplay between nature and the man-made. 

A feature of Joe’s landscape work is intimate, depictions of nature’s entanglements and the fight for survival. 

Joe Blundell - Landscape Artist

Referencing traditional Japanese calligraphy, Alison combines her fascination of fluid forms with her knowledge and passion of colour. Her clean but lyrical and gives notion to a previous career in illustration, and her work engages with this interesting tension between art and design. Alison’s work is a sophisticated study of colour, juxtaposing vibrant and muted tones within a distinct visual rhythm.

Alison Percy - Artist

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Inspiration for her landscapes comes from the native plants and trees witnessed on walks around local and coastal bushland. It is the intimacy of the forms of flowers and leaves that draws her in rather than the expanse of a grand vista. Often large-scale forms are the key to the dynamism of her paintings and the expressive mark-making in her brushstrokes which add to their movement.

Sarah Waghorn - Artist

Caroline Calway 

After completing her Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at De MontFort University, Leicester, England Caroline met and married an Australian and moved to Australia in 2005. Caroline’s large contemporary oil landscapes have a vibrancy and ability to create multi dimensional facets of the landscape which take the viewer on a journey of many sensations and emotions.

Laurel Foenander

With over 20 years as a full time artist Laurel Foenander is a contemporary realist painter working in oils. The natural world is her eternal inspiration and her wildlife work has been well recognized and collected all over the world, particularly in the field of Australian bird painting. 

Laurence Cummin

Laurence Cummin completed his Bachelor of Fine Art in the late 1970’s and spent a career exhibiting and teaching art. Following the total loss of his studio and home in the Kinglake bushfires in 2009 he made a decision to prioritise his painting practice as his main endeavour as a result his rich Central Australian oil landscapes transport the viewer to have a connection with the arid spiritual grandeur of the outback.

John Graham

An expressionist painter who works on illuminated oil paint on canvas and mixed media on paper was born in Perth, Western Australia and now lives and paints in Melbourne. Graham has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1987.

Birds and animals are Graham’s constant thematic foundation, of which he has always returned too throughout his career as he loves to capture the beauty, the colours, their resilience and dignity.

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